Prospective Students

Business Education with a Technology Focus

Worldwide, there is an ever-increasing demand for skilled and experienced professionals who can effectively manage the development and deployment of technology across a broad spectrum of industries. Organizations crave talented men and women who can properly leverage technology to solve business problems by thinking differently, both for economic gain and the improvement of society.

This Technology Management Program is centered on the intersection of business and technology. Our innovative curriculum is designed with a dual purpose; to elevate the quality of scientists’ and engineers’ strategic acumen and management expertise, and to amplify business leaders’ analytical decision-making skills. This dual purpose program design will provide you with the important and unique skill set to act as a bridge between the two cultures of engineering and corporate. Above all, as a student you will develop the confidence and competence to initiate, anticipate, and respond to the fast-evolving technological advances that define today’s business landscape.

Graduate Track

The Graduate Track is right for you if you have less than two years of work experience with a degree in engineering, science, technology, mathematics or are similarly qualified. This track enables you to gain a valuable business perspective about how companies strategically manage, use, and consider technology. Such an added perspective lends itself to a portfolio of skills that enables technological leadership and sets you apart from others. Our program thoroughly prepares you for leadership roles in any organization that deploys, creates, or shapes technology. You will broaden your scope of business understanding and enhance your capability to move quickly toward positions of responsibility.

This track begins in the middle of June with an optional Summer Internship Opportunity.

Advancement Track

The Advancement Track is for you if you have worked for over two years since undergraduate. This track will expand upon that experience and enhance your ability to be an effective manager in the marketplace. The curriculum approaches technology from a business perspective, emphasizing the strategic issues that confront executives today. This approach will significantly improve how well you perceive the synergies amongst technology, finance and business strategy. Beyond mere perception, executing on that kind of strengthened business intuition requires sophisticated analytical and problem-solving skills. By learning to put the two together, you will drastically elevate your managerial performance and thus prepare yourself to take on a leadership role in any organization.

This track begins in August.